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    Min kjære samboer har nettopp startet sin egen blogg (bloggen hans), og for noen dager siden så skrev han om hvorfor han flyttet til Norge. Dette er rett og slett historien om hvordan jeg og min kjære møttes, noe som selvfølgelig er favoritthistorien min! Historien er alltid så hyggelig å tenke tilbake på eller snakke om, men når jeg leste innlegget hans fra hans perspektiv skrevet ned i et blogginnlegg, da fikk jeg jammen meg tårer i øynene! Han skriver så bra pluss at det selvfølgelig rørte meg veldig! Jeg vet jo godt om historien, men det var virkelig noe annet å få lese hans side av saken ❤ ..Jeg var så heldig at jeg fikk tillatelse til å stjele teksten og lime den inn i dette innlegget: (OBS:Engelsk tekst)

    People who I get into conversations with over here in Norway will very soon ask where I'm from. I've already answered that one in the title of this blog, but the inevitable second question is the title of this post, "Why did you come to Norway?". Well, the full answer is best given as a story. I think it's an awesome story, so I'm going to share it with the world. In short, it's really the story of how I met my girlfriend.

    I was working in a tourist information centre in the Highlands of Scotland, and a band I love were playing a gig in the Southern Scottish city of Glasgow, a band called Alestorm who perform in the very small niche genre of Pirate Metal. The gig was in Summer, and arranging time off in Summer in a tourist job was near impossible, but I miraculously secured myself a long weekend to travel down and have a nice time with lots of people dressed as pirates jumping around. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks before the planned trip the gig was cancelled, so I was left with this miraculous long weekend and nothing to do in it. Given my depressed state of mind at the time I occasionally found myself in a foreign country for a few days purely to try and stave off boredom and to make it seem life was somehow interesting. All the dream locations were very expensive on such short notice so I googled 'flights to anywhere' and input the dates. By far the cheapest flights were to Oslo. I'd never really considered a trip to Norway, but upon finding out there was a Viking Ship Museum with actual real Viking ships it was decided. On to Couchsurfing, a social network for travellers to stay for free on like-minded traveller's couches or spare beds to find somewhere to sleep. I found a 'surfer called Michelle who accepted my request. She lived a 45 minute, rather expensive train ride outside of Oslo, but my depressed brain at that time really did not care about such details. Meanwhile in Norway a different girl called Michelle was being forced into having a birthday party for her 25th Birthday (I apologise for all the Michelles but don't blame me; I didn't come up this story you see, it actually happened). Reluctantly she agreed but only if her friend Michelle (sorry) attended. So I got a message from Mich- WAIT. Let's call the Couchsurfer Michelle A and the birthday girl Michelle B. So, back to the story. I got a message from Michelle A asking if I wanted to go to a birthday party the day I arrived. I thought "I don't speak any Norwegian, and I don't know anyone and I have social anxiety. Okay." Depressed apathy took over from common sense and anxiety. So I flew to Norway, took a bus to Oslo from Ryanair's "Oslo" airport that was actually two hours from Oslo, then took a train to meet Michelle A. I dropped my bags off at her place and went straight to Michelle B's place for the party, complete with that "travel smell". We arrived, having taken 10 minutes to get to know my new friend, and I went into the party. The birthday girl emerged, a tiny yet perfectly formed young woman with the biggest, most genuine smile. She was in fact so beautiful and well presented that I immediately decided that she would have very little in common with an awkward metal head like myself. I hadn't been there long, as in I hadn't even sat down yet when Michelle B instructed the room "Cameron speaks English so we all have to speak English". I politely explained that it was only necessary when speaking to me, but Michelle B had set the rules. Anyone who spoke, even to their partner, in Norwegian was strictly corrected on their misbehaviour. Terrifying on one level, I found this actually very endearing, and soon I realised that my stories and anecdotes intended for the room were slowly becoming more and more aimed directly at her. Similarly, playing Cards Against Humanity, I was trained on this game with the dark humor of Scotland so I found my humor created more of a shocked response than laughter. Except for Michelle B sitting across the table who was laughing heartily at any Holocaust, Paedophile, or other entirely tasteless jokes that I laid down. Drinks flowed and music played, and I tried my luck with some metal songs on the playlist. To my expectation, everyone groaned except for, to my surprise, Michelle B, who it turned out was also a massive metal head! A tiny asian metal head! I pinched myself, but no I really was sitting here screaming along to B.Y.O.B. by System of a Down in Norway, with this birthday girl. From this point onwards the rest of the party people, as lovely as they were, kind of ceased to exist and the two of us were in a haze of metal and dark jokes. Unfortunately here other people insisted we go clubbing and the night soon descended into chaos whereby my copious whisky drinking caught up with me, I found myself nearly arrested for trying to take a glass of water outside of a club, and passed out at Michelle B's apartment. After a hungover MacDonald's the next morning I didn't have the opportunity to see Michelle B again, so I went on with my trip, having an awesome time in Oslo with Michelle A.

    Sorry to Michelle A, for the readers I am still very good friends with her, but her part in the story is done. I'm going to refer to Michelle B only as Michelle now.

    Getting home I had no stories of Norway to tell however, I found myself talking only of Michelle to friends to the point that I know they got tired of it. We started talking online and this developed into us both becoming glued to our phones messaging each other almost 24/7, much to the annoyance of both our friends and family. When it was all but obvious that we had something between us I booked a little trip to visit her to see exactly what it was, and whether it existed in the real world and not just over messages (I really had done a good job convincing myself she wouldn't be interested in me!). This trip didn't come round soon enough so a month earlier than planned I made a short trip for three days to see her. I landed, and she met me at the airport. There is no explanation for the joy I felt in seeing Michelle in person after so many hours of chatting, phonecalls, and Skype calls, and having that first kiss with her that was electric, but the strongest memory I have is when we got in the car, for a 90 minute drive to her apartment. Normally sitting alone with someone I've met only once, in a car for 90 minutes would be an incredibly awkward experience, but we sat and chatted and listened to music and it felt like I'd known this person all my life. I was so comfortable. Well, it goes without saying that what we had felt online did exist in the real world, and we were "Facebook Official" (because that's the measure of a relationship today it seems) the next day, and she flew back to Scotland with me where she stayed for a few weeks before I flew back with her on what was originally planned to be my first visit to her! This time came to an end though, and I flew home leaving Michelle in Norway where we had to face the realities of a long-distance relationship. Now, I have no doubt that we could have continued with this for as long as needed but I found myself in a job I didn't like, still living at home with my parents, and in a relationship where we both hated being away from each other. So the only logical step was for me to stop making little trips back and forth to visit her when I could but to quit my job and take a one-way flight to Norway.

    So I did, and that's the answer to the question "Why did you come to Norway?"

    Så, hva synes du? ..Han er så herlig! Jeg er super heldig som har han i livet mitt ❤


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    Så fin historie :) (Har en stor giveaway konkurranse med kjempe fine premier, bli gjerne med)

    Linn Michelle

    13.12.2016 kl. 21:54
    lisarorvik: Så koselig at du synes det :) Skal sjekke det ut ;)


    13.12.2016 kl. 22:04
    I'm extremely lucky to have found you & to have you in my life too! 💜

    Linn Michelle

    14.12.2016 kl. 15:25
    Cameron: Baby <3<3<3

    Victoria Larsen

    13.12.2016 kl. 22:38
    Veldig fin historie! Håper du får en fin Tirsdagskveld :-)

    Linn Michelle

    14.12.2016 kl. 15:25
    Victoria Larsen: Takk, så hyggelig :) Ønsker deg en fin dag!


    14.12.2016 kl. 08:13
    Så herlig og fin historie:) dere er heldige:)

    Linn Michelle

    14.12.2016 kl. 15:25
    stavangerinmyheart: Så koselig :D Ja, vi er kjempe heldige!


    14.12.2016 kl. 10:52
    Så fin historie!

    Linn Michelle

    14.12.2016 kl. 15:24
    siljefjaren: Så koselig at du synes det :)


    14.12.2016 kl. 11:10
    flott historie:)

    Linn Michelle

    14.12.2016 kl. 15:23
    liveterherlig93: Ja, ikke sant :D

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